Rod holders installed by presumably anglers in the Northern Beaches.
  • September 16, 2023
  • NorthernBeaches Angler's Club
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DIY Rod Holders Stir Controversy in Dee Why: A Tug of War Between Anglers and Residents

In the picturesque locale of Dee Why, a debate has been ignited over the use of DIY rod holders made from concrete and PVC pipes. These makeshift holders, embedded along the rocks, have become a point of contention between rock anglers and local residents. The area is not new to having swimmers, kayakers, and other non anglers try to muscle out the fishing public.

The Mystery of the Rogue Rod Holders

No one knows who put in the makeshift rod holders. The sudden appearance of these DIY rod holders has left many scratching their heads. While they might seem like a simple and practical solution for anglers they have sparked concerns among the Dee Why community. Mostly, the non fishing community who don’t like anglers using their beaches and rocky shoreline.

Residents’ Concerns

Many residents feel that these rod holders are an eyesore detracting from the natural beauty of the rocky shores. “It’s just not in line with the aesthetic of our beautiful beaches,” one resident commented. There’s also an underlying sentiment among some residents who are not fond of the angling community. They see this as another reason to voice their displeasure even if it might seem trivial to others.

Rod holders installed by presumably anglers in the Northern Beaches.

Anglers’ Perspective

For the anglers these rod holders are more than just a convenience; they’re a matter of safety. Every month or two stories emerge of rock anglers who tragically lose their lives after being swept off ledges by powerful waves. These DIY solutions provide an option for anglers to place their rods away from the water’s edge potentially reducing the risk of such accidents.

However, many anglers agree that the mysterious appearance of these rod holders was not the right approach. “Nobody should have done it this way,” said a local angler. “We need proper, safe solutions, but they should be implemented with the council’s consent.”

The Call for Council Intervention

The debate has reached a point where both anglers and residents are looking to the council for guidance. Many hope for a solution that addresses the safety concerns of the anglers while preserving the natural beauty of the Northern Beaches. However, we can’t overlook the rock swimming pools that have thousands of kilos of concrete smoothing out the areas around the manmade rock pools.

Is it Really an Issue or Another Attack on Anglers in the Area?

The DIY rod holder controversy in Dee Why is a reflection of the larger issues at play – the need for safety, the preservation of natural beauty, and the importance of community harmony. As the debate continues, one can only hope for a resolution that respects the concerns of both anglers and residents. We have already seen the anto angling aspect of Mona Vale and their xenophobic views of the ‘locals’ that want to keep their area for the locals.

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